The Frank and Walters

GREENWICH Mean Time is the sixth studio album from The Frank & Walters, a band recognised among their peers as bona fide Irish indie royalty.

Bursting with pop brilliance, Greenwich Mean Time is loaded with killer tracks, yet is an album with its soul riveted in place by what we’ve come to know as essential Frank & Walters’ trademarks – beautiful melody and lyrics that reflect many of our hopes and dreams.

The new album is also set for release on the cusp of the 20th anniversary of their iconic debut Trains, Boats and Planes.

Unlike the modern carousel of reformed bands, the Franks never went away – they’ve been with us all along, through good times and bad. At times a beacon of light, they have continued to write some of the most optimistic and joy-filled music ever to come out of Ireland.

There is a sense of time running throughout Greenwich Mean Time – it is about living in the present, enjoying the moment, being here and now with those around you and those you love.

Frontman Paul Linehan explains, “While we live in the present, we often spend so much time planning our future or thinking about the past. In that sense, we are wasting so much of our lives – I feel we need to live for now, otherwise we are not really living.

“We should never forget the good times of the past, or the bright future that lies ahead, but I think that finding a balance that leans more in favour of the present is what real living is all about.”

Once referred to in the international music press as ‘Ireland’s answer to The Smiths’, The Frank & Walters have instinctively produced finely-crafted indie pop for over twenty years and are regarded both home and abroad as having bottled the formula.

The Franks kick off the Greenwich Mean Time tour in the UK with a number of shows during March/ April and are already to set to appear on several festival line-ups in Europe and Ireland this summer.