Notre Dame

Summer is approaching fast and many people plan their holidays.You might go to the beach, or on a weekend trip to visit cities for sightseeing.

So the next few articles on this column are focusing on European food and great restaurants around Europe.

Our first stop, Paris!

Called the City of love, Paris is fascinating, huge but actually easy to get around.

Coming by the B train from the Charles de Gaulle Airport it’s easy to get into the city centre.

Christian at the Esmerelda

I wanted to find a typical French restaurant, close to a tourist attraction, with good value for money.
Of course I could have dinned up on the Eiffel Tower, but that’s rather expensive, so on a sunny March day I strolled down the street from the Cathedral of Notre Dame.
Just opposite there are many brassiere’s with a great view, but they looked rather expensive to me, and since I heard a couple of American tourists talking over a burger, I knew I wouldn’t find there what I was looking for.
Walking further away behind the cathedral, I found what I was looking for, a small restaurant with a few tables inside, a few more outside, Brasserie Esmeralda.

Right next to a bridge and at the beginning of the Quai des Fleurs this typical French restaurant is located at the corner of the street.
A few French couples were dining here and it was reasonably priced compared to the other places I had seen before.
I went for a traditional Steak Tatare with fries, and a good glass of Merlot, and paid about €20 for it.
It was quiet a big portion I couldn’t finish. Of course, typical for the French served with white bread.
The staff were very friendly and they could speak English where needed.

Christian's Steak Tartare

Funnily enough, at the table next to me a couple from Denmark took their meal, and they ordered Pizza!
A man on the street was equally shocked and amused like me and walked up to me and said, “terrible, le tourist”
I agreed: “Oui, terrible”

My verdict: Paris is big, and the prices  are as well.
I am not a particular fan of that city, but it’s worth a visit. The French cuisine is great, and thouhgt my choice was unusual, I got a fast service since they didn’t have to cook the meat!
Waiters in Paris aren’t that bad than everybody says.