The search continues in Union Hall. Pic: Denis Boyle

Louise Roseingrave in Union Hall

THE WIFE of missing skipper Michael Hayes has issued an appeal for experienced divers to join the search effort at Glandore Harbour this weekend.

Caitlin Ni Aodha appealed to diving clubs around the country to make the most of favourable weather conditions in a bid to recover her 52-year-old husband and Egyptian crewman Saied Ali Eldine (24.)

“We feel that because it’s a harbour, a contained space, the more divers and ribs we have out searching the better the chances of finding them,” she said.

“If any experienced divers can give us a few hours either on Saturday or Sunday, we feel its important to take advantage of the very suitable weather conditions predicted.”

Two weeks ago today (FRI), Cailtin, from Helvick, Co Waterford said goodbye to her husband, unaware she would not see him again.

As a detailed search coordinated by experts enters its 13th day, Caitlin remains positive.

“I do feel we will find them, I’m trying to be positive. It’s hard, especially when I’m exhausted but I am staying positive, we are not giving up,” she said.

Weather conditions this weekend offer a good opportunity to put in “as much effort as we possibly can,” she said.

A former spokesperson for the Irish Fishermen’s Organisation, she has taken part in previous searches.

“It’s shocking and frightening to think you can miss somebody, but you can because I have seen it before. What’s not there today can be there tomorrow,” she said.

She offered her grateful appreciation for the work carried out to date and commended those taking part.

“I suppose we would be asking for people that haven’t been out searching for the past 12 days, it’s always good to have people who are fresh,” she said.

Shoreline crews are an integral part of the search operation along with ribs, said Caitlin.

“It’s somebody in a rib or out walking that might spot something, an extra pair of eyes is worth so much to us,” she said.

The father of the young Egyptian crewman echoed Mrs Hayes calls for volunteers this weekend. Through a translator, he said each passing day brought a deeper sadness.

“I’m just hoping to find my son. Every day without him it just get harder, waiting and hoping to find him,” Mohammed Ali Eldine said.

The first fisherman recovered since the sinking of the trawler on January 15th was laid to rest yesterday in Egypt.

Attia Shaban was laid to rest in his native fishing village of Burj Mighayzil.

The youngest victim, Kevin Kershaw, was laid to rest in Dublin yesterday.

Father of two Wael Mohammed (35), will be buried today.