Sean Sherlock

THE news that Clonakilty has secured 20 new high-end jobs with Easylink at the West Cork Business Park has been tempered somewhat by the announcement in the same day that Eli Lilly in Kinsale is seeking 60 to 70 voluntary redundancies.

The new jobs at Easylink who already employ 25 in Clonakilty will mainly be in accounting and finance positions with the global messaging company.

Staff at pharma company Eli Lilly’s Dunderrow plant which employs 450 people have been informed that the company are seeking up to 70 voluntary redundancies.



Minister for Research and Innovation Sean Sherlock said the new jobs at Easylink will be a boost for the entire region.

“Easylink’s location in Cork will boost employment in the region while further adding to the reputation of Cork as a leading location for global services operations,” he said.

His Labour Party colleague and local TD Michael McCarthy also welcomed the new jobs describing the news as, “a huge boost for West Cork and I hope it marks the beginning of a wave of new inward investment into the region”.

Commenting on the news from Eli Lilly, he added, “It is a pity the spell of good news was cut short, but it shows the volatility of the economic climate at present, brought about by years of financial mismanagement by the previous Government.

“Eli Lilly is a firm known the world over for high standards of quality and innovation in pharmaceutical products. It is important that we still recognise the contribution it has made to county Cork since it was first established here.

“If there is any silver lining to this cloud, it is that management at Eli-Lilly have decided not to impose compulsory redundancies on staff, but instead offer them the option of voluntary redundancy.

“I am hopeful that the terms of the packages being offered will be generous and take into account the difficult economic circumstances that people are already experiencing at present,” he concluded.