CLONAKILTY-based storage tank specialist Carbery Plastics Ltd is this year celebrating 35-years in business.

Carbery is today a leading European manufacturer of rotationally moulded, plastic storage tanks and during the past 35 years, founder and Managing Director, Michael McCarthy has witnessed significant changes in the storage tank industry.

“The industry today has changed beyond all recognition. In 1977, a plastic bunded tank was unheard of, the internet was unknown and coal posed the biggest threat to the continued success of the oil heating industry.

“Today of course, bunded tanks are now the norm, web based technologies are central to the success of our business and in most parts of Ireland and the UK, coal fired central heating is but a distant memory,” he said.

Initially, most of Carbery’s sales were to customers in the immediate area but today Carbery products are sold to customers across Ireland, and exported to a growing number of UK and EU markets.

“We’ve invested in our production and engineering processes over the years; today our Clonakilty plant is a globally recognised centre of excellence for the manufacture and design of rotationally moulded products.

“And of course we’ve demonstrated our commitment to look after the most important people in our business too – our customers – through significant investments in new product development, sales, marketing and customer support,” said Michael.

For any company celebrating such a significant milestone, it must be tempting to look back and reminisce. However, as UK Sales Manager Mark O’Connell readily admits, at Carbery, the focus is very much upon the future.

“Carbery’s success over the years can in part be attributed to product development, innovation and responding quickly to customer needs.

“Today, we probably have the strongest new product pipeline in the company’s history.

“As a company which prides itself upon its independence, we recognise that ultimately the success of any business will be determined by its customers. That’s why today, we remain fully committed to those values which have served us well during the past 35 years, namely honesty, integrity and professionalism, whilst simultaneously delivering products and services which exceed the expectations of our customers,” said Mark.

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