Dear Sir,

I would like to clearly point out what is obvious to anyone who does not have their head completely buried in the sand.

Let me say this quite clearly, we are at war.

Our sovereignty is being challenged by a conglomerate of international bankers who are intent on taking over the governance and assets of our country.

We are not going to be able to repay our crippling debts. Default is inevitable.

I consider our government’s current stance as tantamount to treason and that they are further attempting to subvert democracy by implementing treaty changes without a referendum is nothing short of scandalous.

We are in a State of Emergency yet as far as I am aware, the Government has done nothing to guarantee our self-sufficiency in the event of further crisis.

Our dependence on international imports of food and cash has led to the loss of our sovereign independence.

When we live in such a rich and fertile country, this seems to me both irresponsible, sad and a really wasted opportunity to create a better future for Ireland.

I would encourage everyone to support local producers, both this Christmas when buying gifts, and in an everyday way when it comes to buying vegetables and food.

We need to ensure that local producers survive as our future may yet depend on them.


Yours sincerely,

Anne Crossey

Munnig North