The Astrid at Kinsale's Lobster Quay. Pic: Steve Johnson / West Cork Times

The Astrid at Kinsale’s Lobster Quay. Pic: Steve Johnson / West Cork Times

THE wreck of the sailing vessel the Astrid that sank after hitting rocks near Kinsale on July 24th is to be scrapped, the ship’s insurers have confirmed.


The Astrid ran on to rocks near the mouth of Kinsale Harbour when it lost engine power with 30 people aboard, all of whom were successfully rescued from the striken vessel.


The ship itself however could not be saved as she was badly damaged by Atlantic swells which battered the vessel against the rocks where she lay partially submerged for several weeks.


The Dutch tall ship is 95-years-old and there were hopes that she could be repaired following a successful salvage operation led by Bere Island-based Atlantic Towage.


Following an assessment of the vessel in Kinsale however the cost of restoring the Astrid was said to be too high.


It is now expected that the Astrid will be brought to Cork Harbour for breaking up.