John Terry

by Striker


I must say that last week’s end result to the John Terry hearing by the British Football Association, while it will have shocked many people, will also leave many saddened at the eventual outcome.

Neither Terry or his judges could have taken any pleasure out of the surprising verdict, while the target person of the alleged abuse will be left in a kind of Limbo.


The punishment handed down to Terry was a four-match ban, and a fine of £220,000, all of which seems off the wall, when one realises that he was cleared of the charges in the Law Courts only weeks ago.

John Terry will of course be thinking of an appeal against all charges, although he, and the others involved in the convoluted case, must be truly sick and tired of the whole grinding episode, which seemed to go on for a really ridiculous length of time.


It is fairly obvious that almost everyone was surprised at the latest verdict, as it was generally assumed that the clearing of Terry recently in the Law Courts, so to speak, would have put the problem finally to bed.


Not to be, however, for the football authorities were adamant to stamp out anything and everything that had any stink at all of racism attached to it.

That Terry was severely punished for his so-called gaffe in no way makes sense as to what kind of an insult, from one player to another, can be truly termed as racist.


While it is true to say that down the years, there have been a few cases in the soccer world that have smacked of racism, but, strange as it might seem, it does appear that the vast majority of the racist remarks seem to be directed at black players, ostensibly by their white colleagues.


It must surely invite the question, and rightly so, that while keeping in mind that black players also talk on the field of play, has there ever been any kind of a case of racism being levelled at a black player by one of the white players?


Surely it can’t be just a one-way traffic situation where such a very serious problem is concerned, but, if it is a one-way situation, then something must be mortally wrong in the fabric of the beautiful game.


The colour of a person’s skin in the sporting world should never count as anything to be sneered at or mocked at in any game, and the people that do so are only showing the obvious ignorance that they grew up with.

We really have to bring it to an end.


Our betting fantasy was rudely interrupted last week, when, after a dream end to the week before, we were dumped back again to a three out of four result, which is alright in itself, but just fails to make the grade of outright victory.

To be left down for an all-correct by Man Utd was a bit of a low blow, but these things happen in football, and, anyway, Tottenham were overdue for a win.


This week, in like manner, our two homes are, Man City to beat Sunderland, Chelsea to stroll through Norwich, and the aways, Everton to win their local derby with Wigan, and Man Utd to complete the four by coming out on top at Newcastle on Sunday.

Best of luck, and do enjoy your sport always.



Home: Man City, Chelsea. Away: Man Utd, Everton.