Thumbs up from Micheál Hurley and Sean Murray who completed the swim.

HE’S more used to being in the open water but the tables were turned for record-breaking endurance swimmer Steve Redmond recently as he was the one shouting encouragement for three novice endurance swimmers.

Noel Brown, Micheál Hurley and Sean Murray prepare in Baltimore.

Steve was aboard with Baltimore skipper John Kearney as Noel Brown, Sean Murray and Micheál Hurley completed their first channel swim together from Baltmore to Cape Clear.


The three made it across in 2 hours 32 minutes for what Steve described as a “great achievement”.

Steve said, “I was the observer, feeder and animator and the lads were doing the swimming so it was the opposite of our usual roles

Sean, Micheál and Noel in the water.

“It’s a great achievement for all of theme to complete their first channel swim and they are already looking for their next challenge,” he said.



Map showing the route the swimmers took.