Man Utd on course for another title?

by Striker


THE results over last weekend went a long way to indicate that the form in the Premiership is beginning to settle down to some kind of normality, now that the early bursts of some of the so-called middle of the table teams have come and gone.

Those teams who don’t generally be fighting for the honour places in the division, will from now on be doing the domestic point gathering that will stand to them later on in the battle.


It has been touted for many seasons that the 40 points mark is regarded as the mark of safety, so, from now until the Christmas holidays, teams will be frantically gathering what points they can, to get on, or even better, the so-called safety mark.


Managers will be happy to realise that their star players are safe from predators for the moment, well, maybe until the next transfer window appears on the horizon around January.


It has been a fact that ever since the wages in the Premiership have reached, in many cases, sums bordering on the astronomical, controversy has never been far away from the sports pages, as the recent John Terry saga has proven.


The England captain has quit the national team, just a few hours before his FA hearing on the alleged racial abuse charge involving Anton Ferdinand.


Terry feels that the FA, in pursuing the alleged charges against him, that he has already been cleared of in a court of law, have made his position in the England team untenable, and adding, “being captain of my country has been my greatest honour in the game, but the present state of affairs just makes it impossible for me to continue.


I do wish Roy Hodgson and the lads every success in the future, and am really sorry that I cannot be a part of it.”


Well, guilty or no, the present situation of the FA holding its own independent hearing, despite the recent court verdict, just goes to show how serious they are taking the whole subject of racial abuse, which has been scourging the game in Britain and elsewhere, notwithstanding that the Chelsea captain was cleared in his own individual case. It looks like the FA are dedicated in their intent to get this bad problem out of the beautiful game.


Last weekend Man Utd made another bit of ground on City, beating Liverpool, while City could only draw with the Gunners, so they are now both within the group challenging for the lead. That’s what I meant about form settling down.


This Man Utd game of course could never have been far from controversy, for Referee Halsey came under the hammer on Twitter in a scurrilous after the match attack that impugned the health of both him and his wife, who are both cancer sufferers.


Obviously, his sending off of Liverpool’s Shelvey in the first half, and the awarding of that late and winning penalty for Man Utd got under the skin of a few of Liverpool’s most militant supporters, who put on line stuff that only seriously belongs in the gutter press. Sad and Sick, don’t you think?


Well, would you believe it? In our selections panel there have been many weeks when our accomplishments were a three out of four winners situation, which would of course make sure that a little profit was shown in our Yankee bet.


Last weekend gave us a completely new departure when we showed, for the very first time, an all-correct quartet, which should certainly show a tidy little profit for those of you lucky enough to invest.


Football, as Greavsie used to famously say, is a funny old game, when results can often be completely turned on their head, but it is nice to have a weekend when a good return was in the offing, and long and often may the good luck remain in our bailiwick.


Our Yankee selections for this week are all on Saturday, and our target just has to be another successful quartet.

My two homes for the duration are Everton to continue their good run by beating Southampton, and Man Utd to take care of an inconsistent Tottenham.

My two aways are Liverpool to at last get it going at Norwich, while Man City can keep pace by hammering Fulham.



Homes: Everton, Man Utd. Aways: Man City, Liverpool.