by Striker


MANCHESTER Utd manager Alex Ferguson has come out very strongly against the taunting of Liverpool people in the Red Devils home game against Wigan on Saturday, and regards it as a below the belt hit against Man Utd’s rivals Liverpool, all brought on of course by the findings of the tribunal on the tragic Hillsborough happening all those years ago in 1989.

The result of the enquiry effectively cleared the Liverpool supporters of any blame in the horrific deaths of 96 people, on an occasion that will live long in the annals of tragedy in the sporting world.

That the taunting erupted in the Wigan game was not really surprising, as Wigan is practically a suburb of Liverpool, and they do have many Liverpudlians among their supporters.

While Ferguson has always been aware of the long-standing honours rivalry between the two famous teams, he has never adopted an attitude towards Liverpool that could be termed as unsporting, and thoroughly deplores this taunting business, for it shows total disrespect for the unfortunate families who lost people at the disaster, people who went out to see a match, and of course never returned.

Why a minority of supporters should use this horror situation as a basis for taunting rival supporters seems to me to be a little bit short of the full-shilling and certainly shows scant respect for the suffering of all of these families.

This type of conduct has no place at soccer matches, or indeed at any other sporting gathering, no matter where.


As it happens, Ferguson will have a nice opportunity to sort things out this weekend, for, as luck would have it, the Red Devils are going to Anfield this weekend for their away game against the reds.

This meeting at this time could be a bit of a flashpoint occasion, but lets hope common sense prevails, for, in the circumstances, this of course will be a very traumatic occasion, coming so soon after the enquiry, and last week’s taunts!


Well, Tottenham have at last broken their duck, securing their first win in the campaign by beating Reading 3-1 on Sunday, with Jermain Defoe bagging two for himself.

Defoe seems to have at last settled into the Spurs picture, having been struggling in the wings for longer than expected.

Lately he has been banging in goals for club and country, and is confirming the promise he has long shown since he was at West Ham.

Manager AVB, as the Spurs supremo has come to be known, seems to have at last moved away from sacking danger, for this win will take some of the pressure off his shoulders.


The Everton star Maroune Fellaini has attracted the interest of a couple of the bigger clubs, but the Toffees manager David Moyes can breathe easy for the moment, with the transfer window closed.

This could all change for him when the next window opens in January, for then he can expect calls from Chelsea and Man Utd, who both have expressed very keen interest in the player.


You know, since that three points for a win came in, people seem to have lost sight of the fact that a series of draws can really affect a teams table spot.

The cogent fact is that in a draw, one point goes literally nowhere, which makes the task of winning the imperative for every team.


Last weekend Man Utd, by winning, gained another inch of ground on their City rivals, who just managed a draw, so you can see what I’m getting at about that point going nowhere.


Arsenal and Chelsea are also going well, and it all will make for very interesting battling up to Christmas.


As it happens, the cursed draws laid last week’s Yankee low, but we do have to keep trying for the magic four bonanza.


This weekend we will have a Garry with, on Saturday, Chelsea to demolish Stoke, and Everton to win the early game against Swansea, while on Sunday,

Man Utd should win that needle match with Liverpool, and Newcastle should be much to good for an improving Norwich at St James’s Park.

Lots of games on television for the duration, so, enjoy, and hope for a little rub of the green.



Home: Newcastle, Chelsea. Away: Man Utd, Everton.