Rod Briggs

ROD Briggs, founder of the Mindlink Foundation will be giving a free lecture on Wednesday, September 19th at 7.30pm in The Trident Hotel, Kinsale.

Rod is a sought-after international lecturer and consultant whose area of expertise lies in the mind sciences.

He lectures on stress control, trauma, emotional aptitude, problem solving, interpersonal relationships, crisis management, personal performance, situation awareness and psycho-neuro immunology (to mention a few) to government departments, military and peace keeping forces, members of the medical fraternity, health departments, corporate and private groups from all over the world.


Rod has been coming to Ireland for a number of years now and this time he will be visiting the Kinsale area for the first time on request from some locals who are familiar with his work.


All ages over 11 are welcome to attend the presentation which promises to be both informative and entertaining.