Local food writer Brian Moore needs your votes!

WE all have our dream jobs; for some, this might mean playing sport professionally; for others, it could be running a multi-national company, or perhaps just being good at what you do.


For one West Cork blow-in, the dream job involves eating and then writing about the experience.

And now he has the chance to live his dream thanks to Food & Wine magazine and their search for a new restaurant critic.


The publishers of Ireland’s leading foodie magazine decided to hold a competition and invited would-be restaurant critics from across the country to submit 150 words outlining their favourite food experiences.

Local freelance journalist Brian Moore, who lives in Kilcrohane, couldn’t believe his eyes when he received an email confirming that his entry had been chosen out of the hundreds submitted and that he was one of the final five finalists in the competition.


“It’s a dream come true even to get this far in the competition,” Brian told West Cork Times.


However, in good reality TV style, the publishers of Food & Wine have decided that their readers should decide who will be their next restaurant critic and have opened the competition up to a public vote.


“You can read my entry in the October edition of Food & Wine and if you like it, I would be delighted if you would vote for me,” Brian continued.


If you can’t get a copy of Food & Wine, we have published Brian’s entry below. To vote, simply log on to www.harmonia.ie/critic/



Delicious Memory

By Brian Moore

The last warm rays of the sun are on my face as I set about preparing the catch.

Mackerel from the bay, tiger striped in turquoise and blue, stiff with freshness, ready for the knife. The driftwood crackles and the skillet is warming nicely. But first a strip of mackerel dipped in light soy touched with wasabi, and swallowed with delight. That fresh, salty, oily tang followed by the fiery punch. Sublime.

Sliced onions are softened on the skillet, now the fresh fish, added with a few home-grown leaves of sage. The orange glow on the horizon calls for a beer, the fish is almost ready. A lucky few gather with plates at the ready, just one more moment. A splash of white wine vinegar sends a delicious cloud into the air.

I sit on a rock, curling my toes into the sand with every bite.

Isn’t food great?