A screen grab from the Garda Checkpoints Cork Facebook page.

TWO new Facebook pages that share information on the location of Garda checkpoints in Cork have attracted more than 10,000 likes in a little over a week.


There are two pages online, Garda Checkpoints Cork and Garda Checkpoints Cork County which are updated regularly by users indicating the location of Garda Checkpoints and speed camera vans around the county.



The first page to be started called simply called Garda Checkpoints Cork has more than 9,000 likes while a second incarnation, and Garda Checkpoints Cork County has garnered more than 1,300 likes as of Friday morning.






Other pages are also in existence covering Tipperary, Galway and Dublin and have come in for criticism from politicians.



Fine Gael Senator Catherine Noone has called for the pages to be closed down.


She said that Garda checkpoints were random for a reason, stop people speeding and drink driving and ultimately to save lives.


“This page threatens to negate the impact of these important and effective road safety measures.


“Knowing and sharing the locations of checkpoints makes them far less effective,” she said.






Meanwhile the gardaí have confirmed that the pages are not illegal to their knowledge and that the locations of speed camera vans was already available at garda.ie.



The page’s operators say that they are now planning to set up a dedicated website, gardacheckpoints.com to offer a similar service for the entire country.