Saturday 8th September @ 8.30 pm

The Great Hunger

by Patrick Kavanagh

The misery, deprivations and loneliness of an Irish rural esistence are brought to life in Jack Healy’s performance of Patrick Kavanagh’s epic poem, “The Great Hunger”, directed by Ger Fitzgibbon.

First published in 1942, it is the poet’s answer to the sentimentalised version of peasant life that he found prevalent among the Dublin literati.

The protagonist is bachelor farmer, Patrick Maguire, who is sexually and spirtually starved, living a humdrum exisence with his mother and spinister.  Repression is a big theme, with Maguire describhing his mother as being “hard as a Protestant spire.”  He relates how she would be ready to die if her daughter found a husband.

Maguire is married to the land, having failed to seize the day with the various women he encountered over the years.

Healy gives a solid performance.  He is at his best when perched atop a pile of newspapers; he swings his legs and reveals a lighter side to his dark character.

But for the most part, Maguire cuts a sad figure, albeit one with great powers of observation and dry wit.

After his mother’s dath, Maguire sobs.  But it is clear he is sobbing for himself.  Healy doesn’t hold back here.  He portrays Maguire as vulnerable, pathetic and worthy of pity.

Tickets €12 Concessions €10

Friday 14th September @ 8.00 pm

Margaret Hurdman

Postponed until November


September 21st September @ 8.00 pm

Culture Night

A Day In The Life Of Macroom

Dir: Johnny Creedon / 1982 /30 mins

Much loved short film by the award winning Macroom film-maker, the late Johnny Creedon, following some familiar faces and detailing a busy market day in the town, from sunrise to sunset.




Gearagh Memories

Dir: Rob Bradstock /2010/  10 mins

Ninety year old Joanie Herlihy remembers her early life in the Gearagh near Macroom and talks about how this way of life was lost after the flooding of the Lee valley in 1956. This short film was shot in Gearagh, a nature reserve that was formerly the home to a unique rural community. The stories are illustrated with black and white stills and traditional music is provided by local singer song writer Ger Wolfe



Muskerry Stories – Scealta Mhuscrai

Two short films (Taibhreamh and Sraith) by new film-makers Hannie Corkery and Helen Willems in collaboration with Donal O Ceilleachair / 2011 /6mins and 9mins

Each film relates to different stories from the Muskerry region dealing with the themes of the challenges in speaking the Irish language and exploring the rich culture and landscape of the region.





Dir: Blake Norton, 2011, 11 mins

“Psychosis” is an adaptation of the play “Psychosis 4.48” by British Playwright Sarah Kane. Shot in Cork, it tells the story of a suicidal patient who falls in love with her psychiatrist. Starring Irene Kelleher, who won best actress at the 2011 All-Ireland Drama Finals in Athlone in May.



Dir: John Vaughan/ 2012/6mins

John Vaughan is an award-winning screenwriter and film maker, and a?devotee of genre cinema.?Ireland, two years from tomorrow, and one cop who works for the Vichy-style Ministry of Reason has a grim order: crush the only resistance to the aliens who now control most of our world. If he succeeds, then our last chance of freedom may die, but if he fails what will be the cost to humanity for victory?

Admission Free

Friday 28th & Saturday 29th September @ 8.30 pm

Briery Gap presents

The Good Old Days

Tickets €10

Friday 5th October @ 8.00 pm

Voce di Donna

Voce di Donna (Voice of a Woman) is a newly formed trio of experienced artistes: Fiona O’Reilly (Soprano), Christina O’Flynn (Mezzo Soprano) & Rhoda Dullea (Piano).  all natives of Cork, this unique group came together because of their shared passion for opera and the desire to bring it to a wider audience than it currently enjoys.  Originally presented in concert format, this is a new theatre production, recently designed, directed and choreographed by the much respected Belinda Wild and performed at the Triskel Development Centre in Cork.  Stories of the arias – mostly from the Romantic period – are cleverly sketched by all three artistes, creating the necessary atmosphere for each character to come alive.  This is a warm, lively, intimate show, which belies the elitist image of opera and restores its role to an exciting theatrical event.

Tickets €15 Special Offer 2 tickets for €25

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Sulan Film Society Films will commence on Monday 24th September.

Children’s Matinees for September:

Sunday 9th September @ 3.00 pm – The Muppets

Sunday 16th September @ 3.00 pm – Sponge Bob Square Pants

Sunday 23rd September @ 3.00 pm – Toy Story 3

Admission to matinees ONLY €4

Wednesday night Films

Wednesday 5th September @ 8.30 pm

Grease (Sing-a-Long)

Admission €5

Wednesday 12th September @ 8.30 pm


Admission €5

Wednesday 19th September @ 8.30 pm

Mamma Mia!

Admission €5

Wednesday 26th September @ 8.30 pm

Moulin Rouge

Admission €5

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