WITH only a few weeks to go, one in four viewers just don’t believe the TV switchover will happen.


In spite of over 90 per cent awareness that the analogue switchover is due to happen, some viewers have lingering doubts that the service will be switched off, as planned, on 24 October.


There is now near universal awareness of the Saorview service with most viewers now understanding what they need to do to make the switch.

However, some viewers seem happy to leave taking action to the last minute, mistakenly believing that they may have more time than they actually do.



Mary Curtis, Director of Digital Switchover said, “From time-to-time at some of our events and road shows we encounter people who don’t really seem convinced that the analogue service will actually be shut down on that date.



“I can absolutely assure you that the analogue service will be permanently shut down at 10am on October 24th and any viewer who is not ready for digital by then will face a blank screen.”



Close to 200,000 households across the country have already made the switch to Saorview and are enjoying the benefits of the new service.

All you need is a Saorview approved set-top-box or television connected to the aerial to begin to receive Saorview.


Seventy per cent of those surveyed have a strong understanding of what they need to do to switch to Saorview and 78% understand that not taking action in households with aerials, will result in loss of service.

Nonetheless, many seem resolved to leave making the switch until much closer to the final deadline.



“There really are no advantages to waiting to make the switch and indeed some of the best bargains on TVs and set-top-boxes may well be gone.


“We know from the experience of other countries that many householders leave getting ready right to the deadline.

“As a result they may end up facing a stock shortage or not being able to purchase the model they had originally wanted.

“While there is choice and good availability of stock, those who prepare early will likely get the best deals,” said Mary Curtis.




Householders with Sky or UPC will be unaffected by the digital switchover.

Most of those who have yet to make the switch are older, living in rural areas, and often in lone households.



“Some of these people find making technology change, however simple, off-putting.

“To those who are digital ready we would suggest that they give a hand to someone that they know the switchover will affect.”


Almost one in three of those that we asked, said that they would welcome some help.

The advice of a trusted family member or friend with good local knowledge will ensure those who may want some extra help are given the practical advice they would like in making the switch to Saorview.


Mary Curtis added, “It’s so easy to help and the reality is that we all have someone in our lives that will be affected by the digital switchover in October.

“Television is one of the most important ways in which we stay connected to the world at large.

“Saorview has been working closely with both Muintir na Tíre, Macra na Feirme and Energy Action as part of a volunteer helper programme with great success.

“The Saorview Let’s Get Connected campaign is a natural extension to the outreach work that is already going on and reminds us that we can all play our part in helping the country switch to digital.”


See  www.saorview.ie for more.