Rachel McCarthy

SINN Féin Bandon Cllr Rachel McCarthy has said that it is clear that the government intends to introduce another crippling budget that will again hit the most vulnerable.”


The Sinn Fein Spokesperson said, “This government were put in place by an electorate crying out for a change in direction.Clearly this change has failed to materialise and the latest update in the memorandum of understanding to the Troika includes a commitment to cut another €2.25 billion from the budget in December.

“Clearly the lessons of previous budgets have not been learnt and the less well off will again be targeted by Fine Gael and Labour in this years cuts.This will result in further hardship and suffering for those who can ill afford it at this time.


“There are choices.We in Sinn Féin have laid out year after year fair and costed alternatives which would have the same financial result but without causing the hardship. The reality is this is about political will.


“Slashing social welfare, cutting the budgets in health and education and totally ignoring the creation of jobs are in my opinion the wrong choices.This government needs to wake up and make the decisions that people elected them to make,” she said.