by  Stable Lad


From time to time I do receive some comments about the evils of gambling, and all of which that entails to those who fall victim to the dreaded addiction of the gambling bug.

Well, while I do feel sorry for anyone who falls into the pit, it must be said that gambling of itself is not a soul-destroying entity, it is the abuse of it that leads to major problems for the affected person, as it would with the abuse of the other well known addictions, like drinking, or even smoking, and of course the various other substances that are available in the troubled world out there.


To me, gambling should be a kind of a hobby, and believe me, if it is confined to the realms of sport it can be a very interesting way to spend any afternoon.

Horse racing has always been a major outlet for gambling interests, with all kinds of bets and odds out there to be availed of, and all one has to do to participate in the sporting genre is to tailor your investments to the size of your wallet.

Never, never have €50 on when the strength of your tank will only allow you a fiver! Does this make sense to you? Well, if it doesn’t, it is possible that you might be going the wrong road!



More about this later, and any comments you might wish to make would be indeed welcome.

By the way, you all will have heard of that hackneyed old saying about “Murphy’s Law!”, well, there are many examples of this in the betting game, such as, you pick out a yankee bet in the early races on any Saturday morning, and, just as you are leaving home to place your bet, for some vague reason you get delayed, like maybe a phone call, or maybe an unexpected caller which delays you for an extended period.



I can assure you, now that you are too late to get your bet on, when you get to your local shop that you will see up on the results board, two or three of your selections listed as winners, and more than likely, to rub it in, they will all be at decent prices!



Do you recognise this as happening to you at one time or another? Think about it! What about the time you had your horse already picked out, and even written down. Then, out of the blue, along comes one of your “friends”, who whispers into your ear a so-called tip, which just happens to be in the same race as your already chosen horse. What do you do?


Well of course, you couldn’t let your friend down, so you cross out your chosen horse, and put the “tip” into your docket.

This now is “Murphy’s Law” working at its very best, for when you see the race, the “tip” finishes nowhere, while your very own choice just doddles in—ever happen to you?



There are many other examples of this that we can go into from time to time, but, if you want to really enjoy your racing to the best advantage, just bet within your own limits and you will really get a great boost out of the sport, as you won’t have the worry of losing all of your dosh.

Remember the age old punter’s national anthem, which has as its ever hopeful title, “I’LL WIN TOMORROW!”



Well, you know where the followers of “tomorrow” always wind up!!

Our Saturday “battle” takes us this week to northern course Beverley.

Anyway, best of luck for the weekend, and enjoy your television racing!



The Fab Four:

Beverley: 2:05 Ghanaian, 3:15 Valiant,  4:15 Masamah,  4:50 Elegant Girl.