WHAT a relief from the world of high finance, greed and avarice, to have a great news story dominate our headlines.

To think one talented gracious young girl has given us a break from, the TROIKA and all that goes with it.


She thoroughly deserves any good fortune that comes her way.

She had a vision and had the courage to follow it through and achieve her goal, gold in the Olympics.

An achievement we can only marvel at.



Originally the concept of female boxing didn’t appeal to me and perhaps I wasn’t alone.

The fear that there would be serious injuries possibly life threatening, or leaving lifetime scars, was my main reservation about the sport.



However single-handedly Katie Taylor has dispelled these worries and brought female boxing into our sporting main stream.

It is a hugely exciting, skilful, well-managed sport, producing great contests.



It is a pity that Katie’s religious beliefs seem to have become a controversy.

Belief in a higher being goes across many religions and giving thanks is a natural reaction of athletes and high achievers in many different fields of activity.



Why this should in any way make her controversial is a surprise.

Surely religious beliefs are a personal matter.

It is sad to think that we have people looking for negatives in a very positive story, sad people, leading sad lives.



Katie was and is inspirational in her beliefs, her quiet demeanour, her well-chosen words coming naturally from the heart, really a special person a golden champion.



She gave praise to her dad, coaches, family and her boxing colleagues all helped her a long the way, the boxing team were closely knit urging each other along and producing the goods when it mattered.



Katie also paid tribute to Sonia O’Sullivan another who carried the Irish flag with pride, Katie’s role model as a child was Sonia you couldn’t have any one better as leader of the Irish team.



This shows the impact someone can have on young people.

What better model for young people to follow, be it in, sport, work, or life?



We need people like Sonia and Katie, leaders in their fields prepared to make the sacrifices and hard work to achieve goals.

Take the rough with the smooth and never loose sight of the ultimate goal.



Where she goes from here is not clear, she has solid people around her, who knows what lies in store or how things will go?



She will go, I think, with the good wishes of the majority of people in the country, and our thanks for raising our spirits in what are dark days for so many of our people.