by Striker


THE vagaries than constantly plague the soccer world came into play again last Saturday, when both sides of its face were evident in the first win for Man Utd in this season’s Premier League.

The good side came when recent star signing Van Persie scored an absolute gem of a goal to set the Red Devils supporters wild, only to show the bad side later on, with that nasty injury to Wayne Rooney soon after he had come off the bench.


The injury, a nasty gash across his knee, could have been worse I suppose, although it should keep him out for a couple of games.

Some of the results in the rest of the matches would set one thinking, but it possibly can be put down to early season nerves, which will of course settle down as the weeks go by.



Two teams who really came out of the traps well are Swansea and Everton, with both showing that they have nothing to fear from the big boys.

It is a bit early to be picking title winners, although it is fair to say that all of the same usual suspects will be putting their hats into the ring.

Those who will be candidates for the relegation stakes will be doing their best to amass what early points they can, in an endeavour to have a bit of a cushion when the going gets rough later on.

All situations, top and bottom, are now only in the melting pot.




While it does seem that Spurs are going through a muddling time, probably having Redknapp withdrawal symptons, it looks like they have at last sealed the deal which will take Luka Modric to Real Madrid, for a reported transfer fee of £33 million, and should be swiftly into finding a replacement before the transfer window closes. Boy! Do they really miss the said Harry Redknapp!



Well, going off on another tangent, the Rangers are paddling away down in their bargain basement in the Third Division Scottish, and by the looks of their situation, they seem to have gone back to square one, and to the basics of putting together a completely new club and team format.

They could be the new face of Scottish football, and may be the catalyst that will remove the malaise that has been plaguing football in that part of the world for long years now, that of the boredom of Celtic and Rangers on top, and the rest nowhere.



It is about time something changed up there, for the Scottish National team has been going nowhere for many seasons, and the managers job really looks like a poisoned chalice for any unfortunate coach to take over.



Premiership fans will be expected to fork out a bit extra this season for match tickets, with the majority of the clubs hiking up their admission prices.

Is it any wonder, for during last season, the 20 clubs collectively showed a cash loss of £361 million, which only reinforces the opinion that some clubs are in the departure lounge, if they don’t organise a turnaround in their expenditure.



Our weekend Yankee gave us three winners last week, which just about keeps us inside the pale, with only The Hammers going astray.

This week, our two homes are, on Saturday, Man City to beat QPR, and Tottenham to beat Norwich, while our two aways are, on Sunday, Man Utd to beat Southampton, and Arsenal to beat Liverpool.

Is it possible we could have a four-timer?




Two Homes: Man City, Tottenham.  Two Aways: Arsenal, Man Utd.