The market has expanded. Pic: Christian Haubold

CLONAKILTY Town Mayor, Cllr Cionnaith Ó Súilleabháin, paid an official visit to the Clonakilty Food and Craft Market recently where he joined with the traders to welcome a new licensing arrangement initiated by the town council.



The new licence facilitates a limited number of traders to trade in the Kent Street car park.


The market, which operates on Fridays, has become a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike since it was set up almost four years ago.

While there was some controversy at times when it set up initially, it has operated mainly from the private car park of O’Donovan’s Hotel over the last three years very well.



Cllr Ó Súilleabháin said, “The Friday market in Clonakilty is a great asset to the town centre, and very popular all year round.

“I am proud to have supported it in the council since it’s inception, as have most other councillors over the years.



“It’s popularity amongst producers has seen it expand to the point whereby it can no longer be contained within the private area of O’ Donovan’s Hotel car park each Friday.

“Back in the spring, the council, which has always worked to facilitate and encourage the market, drew up a licence whereby a limited number of market traders could legally set up in a designated section of the Kent Street car park, which adjoins the hotel car park.



“It was a natural extension to the market which sees most of the market traders operating from the (private) hotel car park.

“I’m sure I speak for most people in Clonakilty, as well as visitors to our town, when I welcome this positive development as a great step forward.”



The mayor also paid tribute to the Clonakilty Town Clerk, Justin England; Town Manager, Mary Ryan “and others who worked hard to draw up the licence, and who have always done their best to facilitate and encourage the Clonakilty Friday Market”.