Rachel McCarthy

SINN Fein in West Cork have called on the Department of the Environment and the Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) to end the scaremongering regarding cuts to local services.

Sinn Fein Town Councillor in Bandon, Rachel McCarthy, was particularly critical of the Minster Phil Hogan saying, “It’s time for Minister Hogan to face up to the shambles he created with the household charge and realise that starving the local authorities of funding to  satisfy the ill-considered austerity and bail out policies will not work.


“Over the last few years funding for local government has been cut yearly ever before the introduction of the household charge.

“The cuts are now unsustainable and people will suffer because of these cutbacks.”

Cllr McCarthy went on to say that the Minister’s use of “bully boy tactics” and now the financial cuts to local councils will not contribute anything constructive in terms of a sustainable response.


“While scaremongering, particularly threatening people with the turning off of street lights in local communities, is far beyond The Pale.

“It is unacceptable for Phil Hogan to think he can bully the citizen’s of this state under any circumstances and even less so as a reaction to his own unfair, failed and mismanaged household charge,” she said.