Robin Van Persie

by Striker


NOW that Manchester Utd have completed the signing of Robin Van Persie from the Gunners, for a reported price of £22 million, they must have sealed the most expensive forward duo in the Premiership, if not in the world.



When Van Persie joins Wayne Rooney in the Red Devils forward line, they both will be on six figure sums that would entice certain world dictators to want to give up their very dangerous jobs, and if they were still young enough, go away, join a decent club, learn how to play soccer, and be really set up for life.



Now, while I have always been on the players side where earning money is concerned, especially when the average earning period is around the 10 to 15-year mark if one is lucky, my considered opinion on the exorbitant money that some players are at present paid borders on the astronomical.

For arguments sake, just say that a player is on £200,000 a match, which is a bald enough figure, and ask yourself a few questions.

Just how much does the tax-man take out of this every week, and what has the player left to live on?

Where does the Club get the money to pay out this kind of money each week?



The answer to the first question is that the tax-man would maybe take more than half of the weekly earnings, and to the second, the club has to rely on gate receipts and sponsorships to pay all of their weekly expenses.

These fairly stock answers are just the bare bones of what really goes on, for, it is a fact, that there are a vast number of clubs in Britain who are only a very short step from going to the wall, and of course, bankruptcy.



This whole situation in English football at present reminds me of the happy and dulcet times of the Celtic Tiger, when our people in power, and indeed many of our misguided advisors, were spending money that did not even exist.

Well, without going into too many details, you all know what happened in the wind up, when the chips were down, and the boom finally dropped on the whole sorry mess.

It is very likely that before this present season is completed, some of the longest standing clubs in the game will be immersed in deep financial trouble.



Well, we had our beginnings to the new season last week, with Chelsea going  off on the right foot, and Liverpool again on the wrong foot.

In the Manchester clubs race for the title, City have taken an early lead over their rivals with a hard-fought win against Southampton, while Man Utd went down narrowly to Everton after a rather gruelling encounter.



Could this be a first vital blow for Man City? Who knows, but, could they do more?  My own selection graph will have to improve slightly if we are to glean any returns from it.

Two out of four is not good enough to clear our weekly investment, so we need three out of four minimum, which would give us three doubles and a treble, and would do the job nicely.

A four-timer of course would be the goods, and will be our main weekend target, for a few of these bets would be a decent earner for us all.




Two Homes: Man Utd and Chelsea.  Two Aways:  West Ham and Everton.