ALLIHIES Copper Mine Museum (ACMM) has been granted funding from the Heritage Council of Ireland to carry out a survey of mining and industrial heritage in Allihies.

The relatively untouched, authentic post-industrial landscape around Allihies will be explored and documented.

Fieldwork will be carried out to identify and flag the remains of the copper mining industry that spanned more than 140 years.

ACMM will not only be recording large structures like engine houses and dressing floors, but every piece of evidence of mining industry and miners’ everyday lives during that period.

When added together these will give a clear picture of how people in the parish of Allihies lived, and what were their experiences of the industrial revolution coming to this remote part of Ireland.

The work will be supervised by Allihies Copper Mine Museum and the consultancy firm, John Cronin and Associates.

Volunteers are required to help with the fieldwork and desktop elements of the project.

Full training will be given by conservation professionals.

Useful skills include computer skills for data entry, using a handheld GPS (for example for geo-caching), literacy skills and photography skills.

However, the main thing is that volunteers are reasonably fit and very enthusiastic. Volunteers must be over 18.

The fieldwork will take place from September 10th-24th and data entry at a later date. Volunteers must commit to a minimum of three days and all volunteers will receive a certificate of participation from ACMM.

Contact Aileen at 027 73218 or