A major storm is expected tomorrow. Pic: Met Eireann

WEST Cork will be battered by gale-force winds and torrential rain tomorrow (Wednesday) as a severe storm approaches the country from the south west.


The Coast Guard and Met Eireann have issued a severe weather warning as high winds and possible flooding are forecast.

The weather warning and gale warning was issued this afternoon by Met Eireann as southeast to east gales or strong gales are forecast to develop early Wednesday morning on all coasts of Ireland and on the Irish Sea.


Winds later veering southeast to south will reach storm force on southern and western coasts.


The combination of high winds, heavy rainfall, abnormally low pressure and high tides is expected to cause dangerous conditions in south Munster and east Leinster.


Gale to strong gale force easterly winds, later veering southeasterly to southerly, will occur.


Expected rainfall. Pic: Met Eireann



Frequent spells of rain are forecast to result in accumulations of 30 to 50 mm generally, with higher totals possible in mountainous areas. There will be a high risk of coastal and river flooding.


Severe weather such as this brings not only high winds, but the risk of heavy downpours and the potential for spot flooding.


Stay away from coasts


The Coast Guard strongly advises the public not to go out on exposed coasts, cliffs, piers, harbour walls, beaches, promenades or any other coastal areas during the inclement weather.


Huge waves can be whipped up by high seas. These waves can pose hazards to anyone close to the shoreline.


Manager of the Irish Coast Guard, Declan Geoghegan said, “Do not attempt to cross at fast running river or flood water fords as they may be stronger and deeper than you think.


“Flooded urban areas may contain many hazards, not least of which include submerged open manholes and downed power lines.


“The combination of tides, forecasted gale warnings for the next day or so, high sea conditions and swollen rivers may result in very dangerous conditions.”


Remember to monitor weather broadcasts when travelling and heed the advice of the Road Safety Authority on road use during severe weather and high winds.


Specific advice from the Coast Guard is:


The public is advised to stay away from the shoreline and to avoid engaging in water sports

Do not venture out unnecessarily when gale force conditions are forecast

Avoid exposed coasts, cliff paths and coastal areas during inclement weather this week

Owners of small vessels and fishing vessels in coastal waters should seek shelter and secure them properly with moorings.



If you do see someone in difficulty in the sea, on the shore, cliffs, lakes or rivers dial 999 or very dangerous conditions and ask for the Coast Guard.