Martin Carey. Pic: Fuschia Brands

MARTIN Carey of Martin Carey Meats in Bandon is striving to make a difference to employment and training opportunities within the Cork catering industry.

He has devised a plan for providing world-class training to those just entering employment or those seeking new career direction, and has succeeded in bringing together state funded employment organisations in support of this innovative project.

Established in Bandon since 1987 Martin has a plan that has the potential for at least 600 jobs across the country.

In his capacity of Vice President of the Association of Craft Butchers of Ireland (ACBI) he has brought together the ACBI’s CEO, John Hickey, FÁS Monitor, Aiden Wolfe, Employability West Cork Employment Facilitator, Darren Priest, and Employability Cork Job Coach, John Roche to get the job plan off the ground.

The plan involves offering a nine-month JobBridge internship, coupled with an ACBI fast track modular training programme which would see trainees reach a level of qualification that would help them walk into catering jobs here or abroad and which can be continued to full accreditation as craft butcher.

As the association has a membership of 600 firms across Ireland, the potential benefits to job creation are clear.

The Job Seeker would benefit from training that is internationally recognised and would suit many who are looking for new career direction after the collapse of other industries.

JobBridge allows them to keep their welfare benefits, plus receive €50 per week. ACBI members have the opportunity to recruit and train future members of the industry and JobBridge allows them the opportunity to invest more in individuals. Martin Carey said that the construction industry took many potential recruits from the industry, and today the supermarkets snap up those who complete their training with ACBI members.

This plan cannot stop that happening, but Martin is sure that it will allow members of the ACBI the chance to make this investment in the future workers in the catering industry.

Martin’s drive has brought together Employability Services of West Cork and Cork, plus FÁS working in union for the first time.

This is an achievement in itself and supports the common sense potential for success of this project. John Hickey, CEO of the ACBI, is in discussion at Ministerial level to make this happen and it is envisaged that the project will be trialled across Cork in the first instance.

Martin Carey is currently advertising two JobBridge positions on the website. One is for Deli Assistant and the other for Trainee Butcher.

Both positions offer the experience and training for an assured future.