A NEW green PC app could save Irish households over €96.8m annually in electricity bills according to its makers.

The Green Button SOLO cuts power waste for home PC users and will help Ireland meet its 2015 Kyoto emissions targets.

Makers 3Pro Energy Watch Ltd announced the release of the software tool which follows on from the Green Button Campaign software suite, which is deployed in schools and corporate clients.

The Green Button Solo is focused on individual PC users running MS Windows operating systems such as XP, Vista and Windows 7.

PC owners can now schedule automated power-downs at chosen times and also press a Green Button on their keyboard as they leave their PC temporarily.

This instantly powers down the PC.

While away, the PC is not consuming power and is locked.

These peak day rate savings can add a further 20 per cent to savings as it accumulates over time.

All open MS Office documents are saved at shutdown time, giving the user peace of mind too.

“Consumers are the big winners with the release of the Green Button Solo” said Sean Cronin, CEO or 3Pro Energy Watch Ltd.

“Now they have the same software tools previously only available to business customers.

“Every household can benefit with over €60 savings per annum per PC. This will rise as energy prices inevitably increase.”

Based on recent RedC polls and 2011CSO statistics, Ireland’s combined households could save over €96.8m in electricity bills and almost 500,000 tonnes of CO2 annually by adopting the Green Button Solo on laptops and PCs.

That’s like taking 89,000 cars off the road, or all the new cars registered in 2011. Under the Kyoto Protocol Ireland agreed to limit its greenhouse gas emissions to 13% above 1990 levels by 2012 and to 20% of 2005 levels by the year 2020. The EPA has stated that Ireland will exceed its annual limit in 2015. So the timely arrival of the Green Button Solo will help.

The Software retails for €19.99 for a lifetime licence with no more to pay and is available as a download from the website www.greenbuttonsolo.com.

It comes with a built-in user guide, a stick-on green button, and online calculator.

It’s quick to install, easy to activate and set up – all from a simple pop-up menu within a minute.

The Software has been developed as a result of an Innovation Partnership with UCC supported by Enterprise Ireland.