THIS autumn Skibbereen will host a unique course in “The Theory and Practice of Magic” which will run for eight weekly three-hour sessions from Wednesday, September 5th to Wednesday, October 24th.

The course led by Anne Crossey will introduce you the history of Magic from the writings of Hermes Trismegistus and the Gnostic literature of the early Roman Empire, through the Middle Ages and the Medici inspired Renaissance revival, to the contemporary practices of the Discordians and the Chaos Magic movement.

Students will encounter a world of colourful characters like Henry Cornelius Agrippa, John Dee and the people behind the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn that counted W.B. Yeats as one of its most active members.

The course will look at how magic has influenced art, literature and film and its role in the development of modern science.

Particular focus will be given to examples of the creative expression of magical techniques as incorporated into the work of people such as Alan Moore, Grant Morrison and Kenneth Anger to encourage participants to use what they learn in an exciting and personally satisfying way.

Anne Crossey has a Masters in Psychoanalytic Theory from TCD and is currently completing an MA in Western Esotericism in the history department at University of Exeter.

Places will be limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis.

The course will run morning and evening to allow everyone the opportunity to participate priced at €200 or €25 per week.

To book call 085 851 6172.