Fr Cremin

A LOCAL community campaign aimed at retaining a parish priest has gone high-tech by putting social media site Facebook to use.

The campaign has been launched by concerned parishioners who want to retain Fr. Jerry Cremin as the parish priest in Kilmichael Parish.

It seems there is strong support for the cause in the local community with the Facebook pages already gaining more than 320 “likes”.

The parishioners are asking Bishop Buckley to allow Fr. Cremin to remain with the parish at least until the proposed National Diocesan reorganization has been finalised and the future status of the parish is clearer.

They say that there are five ‘special’ factors which support their case:

1. Kilmichael is almost certainly going to be without a priest in a few years’ time.

Why make a change now?

2. Fr. Cremin is a key leader in the Suicide Awareness Programme and local young people trust him.

3. Fr Cremin is at the heart of all community organisations in the parish.

4. The parish which depends on him for a substitute priest also happens to be his

native parish.

5. Fr Cremin was already curate in Kilmichael and is of Kilmichael ancestry.


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