Pictured celebrating the news are Mike Palmer, SVP Operations; David Gosling SVP, Sales; June McCarthy, SVP Marketing & Product; John Stone, EVP-M; Carol Hilliard, SVP Partner Channel; Kay O’Mahony, SVP Human Resources; Dominic Fairtlough, SVP Finance and Brendan Ryan SVP, Customer Services.
Pic: Denis Boyle

PGi, the global leader in cloud based virtual meetings who this year celebrated 10 years based in the West Cork Technology Park, have been named as a multiple award winner at the recent International Best in Biz Awards.

PGi’s newest and most innovative product yet, iMeet was awarded “Best New Service of the Year” and “Enterprise Service of the Year”

John Stone, EVP and Managing Director for Europe, India and Canada said,” I am thrilled and honoured that iMeet has been internationally recognised as the best solution on the market.

“These awards further highlight the impact iMeet is already making as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution on the International stage.

“iMeet has revolutionised the market and now provides businesses world over with a cloud-based virtual meeting solution that is simple, personal and mobile and that delivers fantastic value to enterprise customers of all sizes.

“This award is a credit to our employees across the region, but in particularly those at our headquarters in Clonakilty.”

PGi employs  more than 200 people at its regional head quarters in the West Cork Technology Park.