Tuesday July 31st, 8pm: Voice discovery workshop with Daniel Foley

A practical session for any and everyone who uses the voice.

Release tension, expand the breath, open the voice that’s waiting to be discovered. Based on the Listening In and Whispered Ah techniques.

Taught by Daniel Foley of Performance Exchange.


Wednesday August 1st, 1pm: One man performance: An Evening with Mark Twain

A one man show with Daniel Foley of Performance Exchange, performance-exchange.com.

Performance Exchange, a London and Tokyo based touring company, is an independent theatre company touring thought provoking  presentations to some of the more remote destinations around the world.

The company has toured to 35 countries.


August 3rd-6th: Sounds amazing

A four-day camp of sound, music, voice and movement.

We summon those souls who realise that the time to change is now and invite you to share your beauty, your eloquence and your joy in the wonderful surroundings of An Sanctoir, near Ballydehob, West Cork, Ireland.

It is our intention to provide the environment in which we may become the butterflies whose fluttering wings will resonate harmoniously together, producing galluptuous changes in the world. Gather together in remembrance of our long lost power, so that we may once more light the way.

Some might think this is an impossible task: however, please come and fail as well as you can.

Unless we try we will never know…………..



Visit www.ansanctoir.ie for more.