John Delaney

by Striker

DID you know that the game of Soccer evolved from a game that was first played around 500 years ago, and was known at the time as just “football”.

This original game had a devil-may-care attitude about it, with little or no structure of rules, and, as a matter of fact, practically every practice was in, including even the picking up of the ball.

This original game eventually grew into two games, those of Soccer and Rugby, both of which are flourishing at the present day.

In those past times, there are records of various sporting groups, who challenged each other to play those bizarre games, each group representing its own home area and townland.

The first such group, which is documented, began in Scotland around 1824, located in Edinburgh, and was known, naturally enough, as The Foot-Ball Club.

About 1850, the game was  introduced into England and Wales, and clubs began to spring up in most of the highly populated areas.

Interestingly, the first registered club in Ireland grew, in 1854, out of Dublin University, an institution which eventually went on to play both Soccer and Rugby. The first independent grouping in England was the Sheffield Football Club, which was founded in 1857, and joined the new FA Association in 1863.

It is the world’s oldest club still playing football.

The oldest of the full-time professional clubs still playing in the English Football League is Notts County, which was founded in 1862, and is still kicking the leather projectile as we write.

Well, after this little snatch at a few gems of soccer history, it’s about time to give you some of the latest news of the goings-on in the transfer markets, both here and across the pond.

Newly promoted West Ham, who obviously will need to sign the best part of half a team, suffered a setback in recent days, losing their England keeper to QPR.

Rob Green will be hard to replace, but, who knows, maybe it could turn out for the best.

Liverpool’s Charlie Adam seems to have made his mind up, and is making the short journey down the road to neighbours Everton.

To replace him, Liverpool have secured a new striker, Fabio Borint from Roma.

The well-travelled, and controversial Wayne Bridge, has moved from Man City to the championship side Brighton, so maybe he can at last settle down.

QPR have been very active, for, along with Rob Green, they have also signed Man Utd’s Fabio de Silva on loan.

Liverpool’s defender Martin Skrtel has made the big move to Man City, while Man Utd have also been busy, securing the services of Real Madrid’s Argentinean Fernando Gago to bolster their already strong squad.

Some Irish news features the move of Pierce Sweeney from Bray Wanderers to Reading, which could be a great move for this good defender.

By the way, last week’s forecast about Arsenal’s Van Persie going to the Red Devils was a little previous, for, it appears that along with Man Utd, Wenger has also received bids from Man City and Juventus.

It looks like it will be, in the final analysis, entirely up to the player which team he is likely to wind up with.

Well, that’s the cream of what’s going on in the transfer market, only to add that Rangers, soon to be at the bottom of the cage, have moved out four more players, including Steve Naismith, their star forward. Not a good sign!

Lastly, a very sad story! It appears that the FAI Head, John Delaney, has taken a cut in his wages, bringing it down to a miserable €360,000 euros a year!

In all that’s holy, how is he going to be able to manage on that!!

Maybe it behoves all of us soccer fans to make a national collection for him to tide him over during these tough times, as it must be hard to be on the breadline!!