The new seafarer’s memorial in Union Hall. Pic: @81dac via twitter.

A MONUMENT dedicated to the memory of more than 70 souls lost at sea from the Glandore Harbour area will be officially unveiled in Union Hall this weekend by marine journalist Tom McSweeney.

Plans for the seafarer’s monument came about following the terrible tragedy of the Tit Bonhomme that sank in January with the loss of five lives.

The five-tonne memorial features an original 23ft-high, 18th-century anchor as its centrepiece.

The anchor was discovered on the seabed in Big Sound in 1999, and is dedicated to the more than 70 local people who have been lost at sea whose names will be inscribed on the memorial.

The memorial is located at the entrance to Union Hall to the east of the causeway looking to the mouth of Glandore Harbour and will be unveiled at 3pm on Sunday next, July 22nd.

Fundraising efforts are ongoing to meet the €16,000 cost of the project which has been carried out mainly by local volunteers.