Glengarriff Youth Theatre Group take part in Murder Mystery Dinner night

The Glengarriff Youth Theatre Group participated in a Murder Mystery Dinner night on March 25th at the Durrus Community Hall.

The event was organised by the Bantry Bay Lions to raise funds for the Irish Community Air Ambulance. The murder mystery play “Scholarship for Murder” was written and performed by the Glengarriff Youth Theatre Group.

It told the story of a murder of a female student at a school. The objective of the night was for the dinner participants to figure out who committed the murder and the reason behind it.

The actors performed brilliantly and were able to think on their feet when quizzed and ‘bribed’ by the participants in an attempt to solve the mystery.

Prizes were awarded for the table who gave the best solution on the murderer, as judged by the young actors. A prize was also awarded to the actor who ‘won’ the most ‘bribe money’, all of which was put in the fund. There was a real buzz in the room all evening. A total of €950 was raised on the night, a fantastic result.

This was the first time the Glengarriff Youth Theatre Group had participated in such a show, which was a resounding success.

Rehearsals began late last year and a great deal of time and effort was put into the production by Maria O’Sullivan, Deborah Hogan, Susy Greaves and all the cast members. The Bantry Bay Lions would like to pass on their sincere thanks to all involved for putting on such an entertaining night to aid their fundraising efforts.

Pictured are the cast members. Future stars maybe? Well done everyone.