GalleyFlash Rowing Club notes

GalleyFlash Rowing Club will hold its 6th Annual 2 Oar Challenge at Kilkern Lake on Sunday, May 14th at 3pm. This event puts the cream of the crop of coastal rowers in Cork into competition in a challenge of endurance and strength with the twist of having the crew size reduced from four rowers to just two. Spectators can avail of the unique opportunity to witness the efforts of the rowers while having the advantage of being able to view the entire course from the shore.

2 Oar Racing – What is it?

There has been great interest this year from new people wanting to take part in the 2 oar racing with a lot of questions. We will try to address them here.

What is a 2 Oar race:

It is where 2 rowers row in the middle 2 seats of a ICRF one Design Boat. The Cox must sit in the proper coxes seat and remain there for the duration of the race.

The course at Kilkern Lake is a standard race including a turn. It is approx 4 mins long for adult rowers.

All are welcome to join us to view this wonderful spectacle of coastal rowing.