Free West Cork Beauty Project event in Clonakilty to raise awareness amongst women

Clonakilty, recently awarded the best town in Europe, is also acknowledged as one of the kindest. Local beauty specialists from the Cork and West Cork areas are combining forces to organise an event to raise awareness amongst women to start appreciating themselves for just being who they are.

Anna Groniecka, West Cork Beauty Project’s creative director said, “Over the last 10 years of being a photographer I have worked with many people, not just models. And I noticed how significant the problem of self-worth and self-confidence is amongst women. Whilst men do not necessarily like their photos being taken, women often avoid the camera because they do not think they are ‘enough’ to have a professional photograph taken. After reading Louise O’Neill’s great article in a recent issue of the Irish Examiner (I believed that if only I was more beautiful, that somehow my life would be easier – Saturday, February 25, 2017) there was a realisation of just how big the problem really is.

“If the most beautiful women I personally know have body issues, there must surely be many more that feel the same. But the problem is not down to a physical look; it exists in the person’s head and it is down to one’s own self-worth, self-confidence and self-appraisal. With the amount of work women have to deal with, they deserve to be appreciated and learn to appreciate themselves. I hope this project will be a trigger for a change in women’s mindset”.

West Cork Beauty Project is about showing women, that regardless of where they are in life at the moment, whether they are full time mothers, whether they have a job or not, or if they are/are not in a relationship, they are still beautiful human beings, often forgetting about themselves to fulfill other people’s needs and wants.

Anna in cooperation with many kind beauty specialists will choose 10 beautiful ladies and invite them for a makeover (including makeup application, styling, hair-styling) with a portrait photoshoot and complimentary 10×8” print.

This free of charge event will take place in the Emmet Hotel in Clonakilty on Sunday, May 7th 2017 with a follow up reveal event.

Thank you to all the kind and amazingly talented people offering up their time and skills for this great project:

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