No plans to scrap Free Travel Pass says Fine Gael TD

FINE Gael TD Jim Daly has refuted claims by Fianna Fáil Cork South West rival Margaret Murphy O’Mahony that he “favours the scrapping of the Free Travel Pass”.

Deputy Daly said there was “no basis to this statement” from Murphy O’Mahony adding that “in no way did I advocate for the scrapping of the free travel pass.”

In an earlier statement Margaret Murphy O’Mahony accused Jim Daly of favouring such a move adding that, “Deputy Daly is clearly flying a kite here on behalf of his organisation. Irrespective of why he’s doing it or who thinks it is a good idea, it will be opposed by Fianna Fáil.”

A spokesperson for Fine Gael told West Cork Times, “This is both untrue and also typical of Fianna Fáil hypocrisy. Elderly people remember having to fight against Fianna Fáil’s attempt to remove the over 70s entitlement to a medical card after that party crashed the economy. For the record, the Government has no plans whatsoever to introduce a surcharge on the free travel pass.”

For her part Deputy O’Mahony said, “Fianna Fáil will vigorously oppose any attempt to introduce a fee-based system.”