Digital Cork initiative launched

MOST countries monitor their digital economies, however few cities or regions do. Those that do gain valuable insights that inform their digital policies.

Digital Cork is a new regional initiative launched in response to this need. It will provide a unique service that focuses exclusively on measuring the Cork region’s digital capability and monitoring its digital economy. 

Digital Cork founder Kieran O’Hea said: “Ireland’s digital economy is worth €12 billion, contributing 6% of GDP. With Cork contributing 17% of GDP and with 12% of the population living in the region, Cork’s digital economy could be worth €1 billion, which is more than tourism. It has the potential to grow by €150 million a year and create 15,000 digital jobs over the next five years. This places great importance on Cork’s digital economy as a source of regional growth. It is imperative that we create a Digital Economy Plan that can measure and develop it.”

Digital Cork aims to expand Cork’s digital state of mind by sharing knowledge and making recommendations that contribute to the growth of the region’s digital economy. The digital economy represents a significant opportunity for the region. Digital Cork will provide an independent, unbiased and collective voice, and is in a position to provide support for related initiatives that are already under way, such as the Cork Smart Gateway. Digital Cork will provide a voice for the digital community in Cork and a forum for those with an interest in the digital economy. 

It will provide insights for the general business community who need to understand the role that the digital economy will play in Cork’s future competitiveness. Speaking from experience as the former Chief Digital Officer of Brisbane, Kieran O’Hea thinks it is essential that Cork knows what its digital economy is worth, how fast it will grow and how many jobs it will create. 

Kieran would like to acknowledge the support of WP Cork, Viewsion and Republic of Work. He adds that Digital Cork is a voluntary initiative that is in the process of raising funds for its first project. This will be a Digital Audit of Cork businesses that will measure the collective digital capability in the region, identify digital champions and give Cork a digital maturity score. Contact Kieran if you wish to get involved.

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