David Bickley – New Ep The Mountains Of Venice

Audio visual artist David Bickley is delighted to announce the release of this new immersive soundscape commissioned for Architects of the Air’s Luminarium inflatable structure.

This work is the 2nd David has made for AOA and was written after a trip to Venice to write music with Enrico Coniglio.

Although Venice is relatively flat, when walking back across the island late at night one has to ascend and decent many steep bridges. I made a comment to Enrico that these were “the mountains of Venice”, he liked this idea and told me that in fact these bridges and indeed most of Venice was build out of stone brought from the mountains near Padua. When I returned to Ireland this image stuck with me so I wrote a track then sent it to Enrico to add some guitar.

The piece is made up of a series of interweaving drones that represent the tranquil waters of the canals with a series of bass and bell events that symbolise the interspersed bridges.

Download: https://davidbickley.bandcamp.com/album/the-mountains-of-venice

See http://davidbickley.wixsite.com/artist for more.