Danny Boy Alzheimer’s Foundation launched in West Cork

Wayne O'Sullivan

THE Danny Boy Alzheimers Foundation, a new local initiative, has been launched in the Beara and Bantry Area this January. Danny Boy Alzheimers Foundation, registered with The Wheel, has partnered with Castletownbere Community Hospital and Bantry General Hospital and will raise funds for the various services that these honourable organisations and hospitals provide.

This foundation has been kicked off with a great start with a new committee in place and 50 fundraising boxes have been placed in local shops, pubs and restaurants ranging from Castletownbere to Keallkil to Bantry. This is an opportunity to thank everyone for their support and who has taken a box.

The Danny Boy Alzheimer’s Foundation was set up in memory of the last moments founder Wayne O’Sullivan spent with his grandfather, Danny.

“He was such a good and generous man with a strong character, not only was he my grandfather, he was an inspiration and most importantly he was my best friend. It is a very tough disease, for the patients but also for the family and friends. This group is in memory of him, in memory of the love I had for him, and in the hope that this committee can improve the lives of other sufferers and the West Cork People. Though he will be missed, his legacy won’t be forgotten”.

It is important to highlight that Alzheimer’s is one of the fastest growing Dementia diseases in Ireland. “I started this with the aim that this disease be dealt with in a way that helps the patients themselves and tackles this disease in the most forceful and effective way possible. We aim to raise money for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients in Bantry and Castletownbere hospital with the hope that:

  • In 12 months time we raise enough funds that will be divided among the two organisations and therefore will be partly spent on Research and Development of the cause and possible cures and preventions of this mental disease.

  • 100% of proceeds will be donated to each of our local hospitals, which will contribute to services that will improve the lives of patients that suffer from this disease. The aim is that proceeds will go towards better quality care and support for our loved ones which is out most important. During difficult times, it can be a relief to know that our family is at comfort and at ease.

Even though the boxes will be the main source of fundraising, the community activist also hopes to hold small events for the community, family and friends of patients and set up a support group for those that need it. It is important to create a social change by filling the gap within existing Alzheimers mental health services by helping to provide a timely, affordable professional support services through the funds divided among the organisations.

Painfully, it has taken away so many minds and lives of our loved ones and I’m passionate about getting this addressed and dealt with on a local and national basis as soon as possible. We need to start dealing with this issue at hand”.

The committee is still evolving and anyone that would like to get involved are welcome to contact Wayne O Sullivan on 086 2121 456.