County Mayor seeks discussions with Lord Mayor regarding boundary

THE Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr Declan Hurley, has issued this press release following a special meeting of Cork County Council held in County Hall on Friday afternoon (15th December 2017).

The Mayor commented, “The members of Cork County Council have continued their discussions in relation to proposed changes to local government arrangements in Cork. Members noted that the Cork Implementation Oversight Group has submitted its report to the Minister for Housing, Planning & Local Government, Mr Eoghan Murphy, and that the Cabinet has considered and approved the report. Minister Murphy has subsequently issued a statement to the effect that if both local authorities (Cork County Council and Cork City Council) can agree an approach, he would then use the statutory procedures in Part V of the Local Government Act 1991 to advance the matter.

“I welcome the Minister’s comments. I think they are very helpful in the context of bringing the matter to a successful conclusion. There are still concerns in relation to certain aspects of the proposed changes and, on foot of this, I, as County Mayor, will be making immediate contact, through my office, with the Lord Mayor’s office in order to seek an urgent engagement to conclude agreement between the political bodies of both Councils at the earliest possible opportunity.

“This is a real opportunity for the political bodies across the two Councils to work together in a meaningful and constructive manner to resolve outstanding issues over the coming weeks. I am confident that the Councils will be in a position to bring an agreed boundary proposal to the Minister shortly. It is clear that this is the Minister’s wish – to try and secure as much agreement as possible at a local level in Cork. It also represents my view as being the best approach, and it will help to ease the path towards successful implementation”.