County Mayor awaits response to proposals from Cork City Council

Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr Declan Hurley, today said that he was awaiting a response from Cork City Council to Cork County Council’s proposal to agree a boundary extension to the City’s area which was made last Friday.

Mayor Hurley commented “August is clearly not the best time to make such proposals but our hands have been forced by the timeframe under which the Mackinnon Implementation Oversight Group has been asked to report to the Minister.”

“I do understand that the City Council, like all Local Authorities, do not normally meet in August and this makes a considered response difficult. However, it behoves all of us public representatives in Cork to give consideration to a proposition which actually strengthens the City to the benefit of all and provides for its sustainable future.  We are asking the City Council to engage with us to seek an agreed solution which will put an end to this divisive debate for once and for all. Cork County Council’s party leaders and I have no desire to be again pitted against our City colleagues to the detriment of the region and would seek to engage in evidence based debate as opposed to discussion through the media.”

The Mayor added, “We have had enough uncertainty about planning our joint future, the County Council remains available to clarify any aspect of our proposal with a view to an early resolution of this matter.”