Cork urged to, ‘Set You Imagination Free’ for all Ireland art competition

Corkonians are urged by The Lough Credit Union to ‘Set Your Imagination Free’ for the 2017 All Ireland Credit Union Art Competition. It its 34th year, with up to 30,000 entries throughout 250 credit unions, this competition is open to all ages from 7 and under to over 18’s. There is also a Special Category for those with physical or intellectual disabilities. Those in the Togher and Lough areas particularly can enter via The Lough Credit Union.

The ‘Set You Imagination Free’ theme is designed to allow everyone in our community to fully express themselves and what excites them. Imagination is inspiring and that is exactly what we want. Participants are encouraged to interpret the theme in any way possible and to let their imaginations set the rules.

Encouraging everyone in Cork to enter the competition, The Lough Credit Union caters for those in the Togher and Lough areas specifically and anyone who lives, works or studies in these areas can enter via The Lough Credit Union. A few words from our Marketing Officer are, “We are always inundated with amazing entries that overwhelm us with the talent of those in our common bond. These entries inspire us to keep using our minds and create innovative ways to cater for everyone in our community from our loans to savings. Cork’s talent is immense. We also were delighted with all of our amazing entries last year with our talented group ‘Le Cheile’ winning at the national level and showcasing the importance and power of imagination”.

This annual competition is part of The Irish League of Credit Union’s commitment to supporting the artistic development of the young and old throughout our communities and in Ireland as a whole. Producing and creating art can have many benefits for adults, such as reducing stress and aiding in the development of creative problem-solving skills. For children, painting and creating art can nurture fine-motor skills and neural development, whilst encouraging emotional expression.

Winners, runners-up and merit award-winners from Togher & The Lough will go on to represent The Lough Credit Union at regional level and from there the winning artworks shall go to the national level. Winners will receive prizes at all levels. National winners have the excitement of receiving large cash-prizes at an award ceremony held in Croke Park in February 2018.

Entry forms are available from The Lough Credit Union, Bandon Road and from The Lough Credit Union, Togher. The closing date to submit finished entries to The Lough Credit Union is 27/10/2017.