Cork schools celebrate World Water Day with ‘Walk for Water’

Students of Scoil Aiséirí Chriost, Farranee join with Students and teachers from registered Green-Schools across the Munster region gathered at the source of the River Lee in Gougane Barra. Pic: Clare Keogh

An Taisce Green-Schools and Irish Water mark annual event in Gougane Barra

MORE than 50 students from four Cork schools participated in a ‘Walk for Water’ event in Gougane Barra Forest Park organised by Green-Schools in partnership with Irish Water to mark World Water Day 2017.

The students walked six kilometres carrying six litres of water to highlight water scarcity and experience the journey travelled every day by women and children to access clean water in countries with issues of water scarcity.

Pic: Clare Keogh

The theme of this year’s World Water Day celebration is Wastewater, which links with the Sustainable Development Goal of ensuring access to water and sanitation for all.

The event in Gougane Barra is a key part of the Water theme of the Green-Schools programme. The students carried their water along a route which included the source of the River Lee, which provides water to many people in Cork.

Pic: Clare Keogh

Green-Schools Manager Cathy Baxter highlighted the importance of the event: “This is our fifth year holding Walk for Water events to celebrate World Water Day. Each year we can see the difference the experience makes for the attending students; they go home with a greater awareness of what water scarcity is, how important conservation has become and, of course, with a greater appreciation for the beautiful surrounds of places like Gougane Barra.”

Pic: Clare Keogh

Commenting on the Walk for Water Katherine Walshe, Regional Operations Manager at Irish Water said, “Irish Water is delighted to once again partner with Green-Schools on the Walk for Water event to mark World Water Day 2017. Irish Water is committed to highlighting water issues and the importance of water conservation. It is our aim to empower young people, as part of our sponsorship of the Green-Schools Water theme, to take action in raising awareness of these important issues and the Walk for Water Event is a great way to do this.’

Pic: Clare Keogh

In 2016, Walk for Water events saw 28,000 students in 10 countries raise €1.07m for 26 water projects in countries in Asia and Africa.

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