Compost your Christmas!

Christmas, is a time for giving, a really hearty sentiment which inspires us to fill shoeboxes for those less fortunate, cook up feasts for sharing with friends and family and for some bizarre reason decide to give ourselves pneumonia jumping into our freezing waters in Christmas Day (hats off to ye!!!).

Then there’s the gift giving, the average Irish household spent €2,587 last Christmas (Retail Ireland), that’s a lot of socks and calendars but at the end of it it’s also a pile of paper labels, foil, cardboard boxes, plastic wrapping and glass bottles. Packaging recycling firm, Repak has found that our packaging waste increases by up to 25% over the holiday season, with an incredible 74,000 tonnes of waste glass, paper and cardboard being produced, that’s 44 kilos of waste per household!

Putting as much of this packaging as possible into our recycling bins is great but you could be getting rid of some fantastic fodder for your garden in the form of compost. No idea what I’m on about!? Here are the Two Green Shoots 5 top tips for composting your Christmas!

  1. Buy or better still make gifts and decorations without the unnecessary packaging using natural materials. Looking for ideas!? Come along to one of our Christmas Crafts workshops, details below.

  2. If you do end up with any packaging, you can shred layers of cardboard present boxes and wrapping paper (not glossy) into your compost bin – these are your ‘browns’.

  3. Add layers of raw veg scraps from Christmas dinner i.e. potato peelings, sprout leaves and once Christmas is over you can even add your Christmas tree too (just make sure to chop into little pieces!). All of these ingredients are your greens. Keep layering Greens & Browns 50:50 to make a sort of compost lasagne!

  4. Need a new years resolution!? Once a month burn off a few Christmas calories turning your heap to add air and keep it composting!

  5. Once it’s turned dark and crumbly (can take anything from 2 months to 1 year), rejoice, spread it on your garden and boast about how you composted your Christmas.

We’re running two (fully compostable!) Christmas Craft Sessions in West Cork, two for kids and two for adults, giving you the chance to make some beautiful, handmade gifts and decorations for your home and garden. Find us Sunday 3rd December at An Sanctoir, Ballydehob and on 10th December at Eccles Hotel in Glengarriff. For workshop times and tickets visit:–tickets.html or find us on facebook @twogreenshoots.