Combine training league at Woodlands Equestrian Centre

THE Woodlands Equestrian centre, Co. Kerry, hosted a combine training league throughout January and organised by Cass Foley.

The league consisted of a dressage test along with a show jumping round. There was four classes to choose from; jumping 70cm, 80cm, 90cm and 1metre. The dressage tests stayed the same each week to ensure progression of tests from week to week.

Each week there was a different judge for the dressage test and a challenging show jumping course designed. It was lovely to see familiar faces from last year’s dressage league, and also some new ones! There was a wonderful atmosphere each week with plenty of moral support and cheering after every round.

Fantastic baked goods were available each week to compliment the teas and coffees! The league was sponsored by equine nutrition company TopSpec. Edel from TopSpec came to the event on the final day to weight horses and speak to owners about their horses’ specific nutrition needs. She was very informative and helpful to all!

Edel gave the top three places of each class at the end of the league a bag of TopSpec balancers, which was greatly received! I was very pleased to take over all second place in the 90cm class, in good company with Cass Foley winning the class. It was a very enjoyable 4 weeks and a great start to the competition season.