Closure of rural post offices must be resisted

THE Cork North West TD, Michael Moynihan has said that he is concerned about what effect the proposed closure of 80 post offices across the country will have on rural north Cork.

Deputy Moynihan was commenting after the Kerr report, authored by Bobby Kerr of Insomnia Coffee, suggested that 80 rural post offices should be closed to save money.

“If we look solely at the profit margins of post offices, or indeed many services in rural Ireland, we would close them all.

“However, a post office is more than just a place to post a letter or collect your pension; it’s a social hub for the entire community.

“Many people use post offices as a place to meet their friends and neighbours, to find out what’s happening in their local community.

“The function of post offices needs to change; the Government and local authorities should look at trying to transfer facilities, such as paying for motor tax, to post offices. This will provide a much needed boost to the operators, and keep the rural post office open.

“I am concerned that the closure of 80 post offices across the country will result in post offices in North Cork being affected. It also sets a precedent; who knows where it will end?

“The Government cannot get away from the fact that they need to invest in the rural post office network; it needs to look again at the services they provide, and see what additional services can be provided there.

“Too many services are already under threat in rural Ireland – Garda stations, small schools, and not post offices. It’s time to call a halt to the gutting of rural Ireland,” concluded Moynihan.