Clonakilty Cycle Way gets the “green light” from County Council

CLONAKILTY is a step closer to having a green-way trail of its own. The news comes after Cork County Council approved an application from the Clonakilty Chamber if Commerce for a green way trail from Clonakilty to the Technology park. The project is now to be submitted to the Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional , Rural and Gaeltacht affairs (DAHG) for funding along with 15 other projects.

Cllr Christopher O’Sullivan who is chairperson of the Clonakilty Chamber of Commerce welcomed the news. He said “ This is a huge step for what is a very important project for Clonakilty. I received correspondence from the Council on July 4th confirming that our application was successful and is being put forward for funding under the Town and Village renewal scheme 2017. Only 15 projects around the county have been selected and I am delighted that the Clonakilty Cycle way is one of them.”

The project consists of 6km of a Cycle way and pedestrian access from the “Supervalu” Roundabout in Clonakilty to the Technology Park to the east of the town where almost 1000 people are employed.

Councillor O’Sullivan says it will be an invaluable asset to the area. He said “ this will be a huge benefit to Clonakilty and its environs. It will have three important functions. Most importantly it will provide safe access to the many employees at the Technology park. Almost 1000 people work here and many of them make the very dangerous journey along the N71 to Clonakilty on foot on a daily basis. This will provide much needed safe access for them.

Cllr O’Sullivan continued “ It will of course be a huge tourism attraction. We have seen the benefits that the green-way trails in Mayo and Waterford have had to tourism. This could be the start of something very special for west cork. The cycleway will also give access to Gullane Lake which is a stunning local amenity. Added to this is the fact that it promotes exercise and healthy living for people who already live in the area.”

The DAHG have not yet informed the council as to when a decision will be made on the application from Cork County Council. Cllr O’Sullivan noted that he was “very confident” that the green-way trail application would be successful.


  1. Great news for those who are working in the Technology Park who now will be able to go and fro to their work facility in safety and the beauty of the investment that it will also serve Tourism.

    At the same time Clonakilty should also think of their tourists and a similar infrastructure deserving Inchadoney Island…

    There may be few cars on the Clonakilty Inchadoney road on a rainy January day but once the sunny days begin to show traffic grows. In Spring and Autumn the are at least two to three hundred cars an hour on fine days and that would double on a sunny Sunday in June July and August.

    Tourists nowadays often practice jogging, walking, cycling, photography etc and don’t spend all day on the beach…and Inchadoney is on of the greatest places for all these activities…The problem is the road which is very narrow and dangerous and a nightmare for conscious drivers who at every corner is afraid to run in to someone.

    A few years back some genius devised a one way system in Inchadoney and did a great job…Would it be possible to get him or her to do something similar for the whole Island and to Clonakilty and back..It would be a great investment for the area especially for tourism.