Christmas single to support Cork homeless initiative

A NEW Christmas Single in support of charity organisation Helping Cork’s Homeless has just been released with the aim of raising funds to equip a new specially adapted bus to offer those who have no roof over their heads a place to stay for the night.

The Christmas Charity Single called ‘Lay your Head Down’ was composed specifically by Marion Nolan.

Christina Chalmers, founder of the charity said, “It is my aim to reach the homeless of Cork who don’t make it into a shelter for the night and equip them with items they badly need”.

Christina began the organisation two-years-ago and the response has been over whelming she said. “Volunteers meet outside Brown Thomas every second Friday night. We provide hot beverages and food for our homeless community along with fresh clothes, shoes and toiletries.

“Our volunteers comb different areas for people who will be bedding down on the streets of Cork. They offer them some much needed essentials and inform me where they are sleeping.

Later in the night I go to all the places I have been informed of where  hey are sleeping. I bed them down with sleeping bags, bubble wrap and cardboard for insulation to provide some barrier to the harsh elements,” she added.

The purpose of this single is to raise much needed funds to specially equip a bus with showers and beds, for those who do not make it into a shelter.

“This is a project I have been working on since last March and I have now successfully gotten my hands on the the bus just 24-hours after launching the song,” said Christina, “I have builders, architects, engineers and many many Cork tradespeople on board to carry out the work”.

“However we need as much funding as possible to tax and insure the mobile shelter and therefore we need as much publicity about the song as it is through the downloads on itunes that we will raise the money,” she added.

For more information see the Facebook page “Please join me in helping corks homeless