Boundary row could lead to Cork-exit says TD

THE proposed new Cork City boundary could, according to Independent Deputy Michael Collins, if implemented, result in something approaching a ‘Cork Brexit’ situation.

‘This issue is not a party-political one, however, it is noted that there are huge divisions within parties in regard to those in favour of implementing the MacKinnon report and those against,’ Deputy Collins said. This will cause a further urban/rural divide within our County Councils, when in all honestly we should be working together. If the new city boundary was to go ahead, this would be considered as a Cork Brexit – the consequences of this are not yet known and won’t fully be until it is too late.’

Deputy Collins called on the Minister for Local Government Eoghan Murphy, TD to live up to his government promises and the published programme for government.

‘Rural towns and villages in West Cork are struggling and the MacKinnon report, if it is implemented, this would have an even more negative effect in these areas,’ Deputy Collins said this week in the Dáil. Does your government really want to be responsible for this Minister? Didn’t your government promise in their programme for government to, and I quote ‘put in place measures to revitalise all of Ireland so that the benefits are felt inside every doorstep and in every community.’ Minister, this is a yes or no issue. Does the government, does Fianna Fail, does Sinn Fein and other independents want to see the MacKinnon report implemented in Cork or not?’

‘Looking at the counter amendments from both the Government and Fianna Fail – they are not clear. Do the rural TDs from both parties support the implementation of the MacKinnon report or not?’ Deputy Collins continued. I urge all members listening to remember that the MacKinnon report applies to Cork County at present, but similar approaches could follow in any other rural county in the future. The amendments that I see from both Fianna Fail and the Government are supporting the MacKinnon report in the back door way, while my interpretation of the Sinn Fein amendment is one of blatant support.’